Sunday, September 15, 2013

World Book LInks

Check out---> Comic style Math Books for kids. They also have science topics here --> We got all these books from the local library.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pinterest is great

I have been using Pinterest as my little website filing cabinet for everything. I love it. Today I made a natural cough medicine for my little sick guy-
Yesterday I made a homemade coconut oil & egg frozen face mask:
The kids and I made brain hats a couple of weeks ago and learned about the different parts of the brain:
I just wish it had buttons for already tested and a review section. I'll just have to catch as catch can and make a new board labeled tested & reviewed.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring cleaning time, folks

I found this lovely article on where you can donate all that extra stuff in your closet:

for old gowns, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses -

old sneakers -

business suits -

coats -

got clothes in great shape -

stuffed animals -

hope this comes in handy

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Long time no post

Wow, we are mid summer already.. when did that happen?

It has been quite a year

The adults stories:

Will has been working for Business week for almost a year, and loves it

He's been using his company perks extensively

He's currently attending one of his computer geek fests (in Boston no less) with some ARG friends

He had a stroke of bad luck when he caught the chicken pox from God knows where. He suffered through it for two weeks and, got himself a few new marks and, a couple of new nicknames from moi but, came through it intact.

I took a few college classes and passed them all. Still need like 7 classes to get my AS. It's a good thing I like learning.

Decided on Christmas break I would renew my real estate license. So I did that.

Got hired by Prudential Douglas Elliman of Bayside

Currently setting up my business in my new profession, love it

The kiddies stories:

The are getting so big :(

Both did very well academically in school this year. Gail is moving up to second grade this fall and Christopher is going to Kindergarten.

Gail was in a ballet recital, received tons of awards in school, is an avid reader of chapter books, loves to watch tv and play computer games. This summer she is in day camp and is having a blast with all the new friends she has made. She continues to be a really patient and caring big sister to her brother (when they are not yelling at each other that is).

Christopher is an active and curious little imp. He drove his teachers crazy. He is a fresh little boy at times and just loves to talk your ear off. He is happy to be home with his mommy this summer since camp decided he was too much for them to handle (after only being there one day). So now he spends his day making friends at the park, playing too many computer games and making his mommy laugh.

Soon to come posts about:
free movies in the park
Astoria Park pool
Getting out of the city and attending a good old fashion county fair
5 yr old birthday parties
Annual BBQ parties
new cocktail recipes
fights about school placement with the Board of Ed
Real estate success and horror stories
feelings about the ending of summer
and whatever else the summer had to offer